Does your partner have a foot fetish, and you don’t exactly know how to make the first step? Check out this guide on foot fetishism and how to satisfy your partner’s desire! We’ll also show you certain kinks that could feel highly orgasmic if you’re on the receiving end!

What is foot fetishism?

If your partner surprised you with their foot fetish, remember that this is an entirely healthy kink. In fact, it’s one of the most common fetishes! Research shows that a whopping one out of seven people has sexual fantasies about feet.

This fetish is all about a pronounced sexual interest in female or male feet. Foot fetishists love to do all kinds of things with another person’s feet. But why are people so obsessed with feet?

What’s with the foot/feet?

Foot lovers have several points of attraction for feet and toes. That could include the shape, size, and anatomy. Some people are into toenail polish, high arches, or soles. Others are obsessed with seeing feet and footwear, including sandals, high-heeled shoes, socks, etc.


However, it doesn’t stop there. Some people can get off by smelling foot odor. Others might love to kiss, suck, or touch feet. However, a foot fetish can also increase the receiver’s sexual arousal. The feet are such a sensitive body part! They are considered an erogenous zone. Because of that, your partner’s fetish could end in a win-win situation for both of you!

Who are these people?

People with foot fetishes can be submissive or dominant. However, submissive people are more likely to have this fetish. In this case, people who love to get dominated can worship feet for their enjoyment or discomfort. That way, the kink involves power play, humiliation, and pleasure.

Moreover, if your partner expresses the desire to worship your feet, you can also get a special type of fulfillment. For example, this allows you to exert dominion over your partner. 

On the other hand, the fetish doesn’t need to contain any extreme kinks. Some men can enjoy it purely for the physical sensation.

Foot foreplay ideas

If you don’t know anything about your partner’s foot fetish, the best tip is to ask them about it first. If you want to fulfill your partner’s fetish, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy it too! If they talk about their fetish openly, you can suggest the following acts:

  • Tease them with your feet before sex
  • Have them give you a foot massage
  • Allow them to paint your nails
  • Give your partner a blowjob while you put your feet on his face
  • Have a fashion show and try on all your heels and sandals while your partner masturbates in front of you

Tease them with your toes

You can use your toes to massage your partner’s genitals. You can use your sexy feet to stimulate his testicles and cock over his pants. Then, make him lie down on the floor and tease his face, nipples, and genitals with your toes. Better yet, wear a pair of pantyhose to drive him crazy!

What’s more, you can truly get creative with your toes. For example, use them to pinch your partner or ask him to lick them for you.

Let them worship your feet

Foot worship is not for everyone, but it shouldn’t stop you from having fun. Here, it’s important to get into the dominant role. If you’re in the right mindset, you can treat your partner like a slave and abuse him with your feet. Alternatively, he can make you feel like a true deity. Just remember that most foot fetishes will do anything for a chance to worship your feet. This means that you’ll be able to ask for anything in return!


The Vajankle is one of the newest sex toys available at the Lovegasm store, which intends to satisfy foot fetish. It may look a little odd at first, but it can offer a new way of pleasuring foot lovers. Namely, this toy is made of a flexible material like silicone. It is shaped like a foot! However, it has a fake vagina attached to it near the ankle. Your partner can use it similarly as a pocket pussy. Also, you can use this toy together. For example, you can hold the toy while he penetrates and ejaculates on it.

Give them a footjob

If your partner has a foot fetish, chances are that nothing will please them more than a long and sensual footjob.

First, you can tease his penis with your toes, socks, or heels. Then, you can reveal your naked feet and lather them up with oil. The goal is to join your feet together so that your soles resemble a vagina. Then, slide your feet over his cock and move them up and down. However, try to be careful here and avoid any unwanted discomfort. In the end, let him blow his load all over your feet! If he’s submissive, make him clean your feet up with his tongue afterward!

Foot licking/toe sucking

If you want to receive a lot of pleasure, ask your partner to give you a sensual body massage. Then, tell him to suck your toes or lick your soles. Your partner can pleasure himself while licking your toes and soles. However, the experience will also feel exciting for you, and you can use it as a type of foreplay.

Wear your sexiest heels

If he has a shoe fetish, high heels will probably drive him wild. You should whip out your hottest pair! There’s a chance that simply wearing them in front of him could be enough to make him cum!

Alternatively, if he has a shoe worship fetish, you can use the heels to poke his skin or even trample him. However, if he makes it through without orgasming, he’ll be incredibly horny and ready for sex. That’s when you should keep your high heels on and ride your partner until both of you experience orgasmic bliss!


Now that you know all about this popular fetish, you can use your sexy feet to drive your partner wild and improve your sex life while you’re at it! Have fun!