How to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, (ED) also known as impotence, is far more common among men than is realized.

It is not unusual for a man to occasionally have trouble getting or maintaining an erection, but if it starts happening more and more often, it should not be ignored. If this is you, visit the doctor, as there might be an underlying health reason causing the problem.

Fortunately, erectile dysfunction is relatively easy to treat, and if you are proactive in getting help, your sex life will soon be back on track.
Research has shown that there are natural ways to keep sexually healthy and avoid ED from occurring, and wreaking havoc in your life.

Don’t wait until it happens

Here are 10 good ways to help prevent ED happening:

  1. Watch your weight. Obesity can lead to high cholesterol, clogged arteries, heart disease, and restricted blood flow to many areas of the body, including the genitals. A lack of blood in the genital area seriously compromises erection success.
  2. Eat clean. Cleaning up your diet will help to drop the weight, and pay off in the bedroom. Cut back on refined floury, sugary items, full-fat dairy, and red meat. Ramp up your diet on more whole grains, fruit and vegetables. Most of all, if you seriously want to lose weight, make your portions smaller.
  3. Pay attention to your blood pressure. High blood pressure narrows the blood vessels, and puts strain on the heart to effectively pump blood through the body. If the penile veins do not get their fair share of blood, it will be difficult to get an erection.
  4. Quit smoking. Studies have indicated that men who smoke have double the chance of developing ED, as men who do not smoke. It has also been reported that medications to assist ED problems may not work as well for men who smoke.
  5. Get off recreational drugs. These drugs, which include cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, and marijuana, by slowing down the nervous system and causing damage to blood vessels, can potentially lead to erection problems.
  6. Drink moderately. A glass or two of red wine may help your libido, but if drink too much hoping to get in the mood for sex, you might land up with no action at all. Alcohol is not an aphrodisiac, but rather a strong depressant, which can soften your erection and prevent you from finishing the job.
  7. Get some exercise. Regular exercise will help you to lose weight, as well as keep heart and blood vessels healthy, and help to lower stress levels. Studies have shown that even a 30 minute walk each day will be beneficial, as will a home-exercise routine, and visits to the gym. The level of exercise need not be above what you are comfortable with, but it should be regular.
  8. Stress. Stress can attack from all angles, including work, finances, and relationship problems – to name but a few! If you also land up with ED, it may lead to more anxiety, and worsen life in the bedroom. Reducing stress levels will improve your libido.
  9. Medications. It is a well-known fact that erectile dysfunction is a common side effect of many prescription drugs. If you are battling with ED and are taking any of these common meds: Diuretics, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, certain painkillers, antihistamines, and cancer drugs – your medical doctor may be able to help you.
    Some meds could be exchanged for others with lower side effects, or perhaps you may be able to go on a reduced dosage. But only the doctor can advise you about this. On no account must you simply stop taking your medication in the belief that ED will go away. There is no guarantee that this will happen, and the effects of not taking your meds, may lead to other problems.
  10. Testosterone. The levels of testosterone gradually start to decrease at about 30 years of age, and continue to decrease as you get older. If there is a problem, and it suddenly gets too low, it can affect your sex drive and the ability to get, or maintain, an erection. A blood test can establish whether you have low T, and there are very effective ways to treat it.

Act now to help ensure that you do not become a permanent victim of erectile dysfunction.